SC-300 Microsoft Identity and Access

My Tips for taking & passing – SC-300 Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator in 2022

The core topics in the SC-300 are.

Implement an identity management solution (25-30%)

Implement an authentication and access management solution (25-30%)

Implement access management for apps (10-15%)

Plan and implement an identity governance strategy (25-30%)

Ideally in this exam you should try to be focusing on the areas with 25% rating in this exam there are 3 while understanding the concepts of access management are important most of the exam weighs heavily on the management solutions, strategy & Governance.

All Values listed above are subject to change in accordance with Microsoft’s Exam Guidelines, unfortunately I cannot guarantee that all information is correct and is based on my experience when I took the exam.

1: ok so the sc-300 heavily focuses on planning identity management , governance , single sign on and managing users and groups , a good option with this exam is to practice doing some of these things , azure has the option to give learners free environments , setup some , test out the features start creating users in office 365 , assign them to security groups , test conditional access rules like allowed and blocked countries and even try setup some MFA And SSO Instances.

2: the sc-300 focuses on setting up hybrid identities so its important you have access to a lab environment weather is be physical or online through azure , you need to practice setting up users , creating security groups , even try your hands on nested groups , sync these to the cloud , understand how the licensing works for user accounts in  office 365 , get use to troubleshooting mfa login issues , sync issues with on prem and the cloud , try creating test accounts mess them up by removing the account properties , see if you can hard match the accounts etc back to office 365. All of this will help when Microsoft give you questions on it in the exam , try to really understand how it all integrates together and your half way there.

3: conditional access, sso, mfa are all aspects covered a good bit in the exam. Understand how each one of these works, understand how to get reports based on conditional access rules m, understand how to implement mfa and single sign on. Understand how to analyze audit log , azure sentinel logs , get practical experience doing this via Microsoft learn  , virtual machines , practice azure tenants.

4: speak to people in the cybersecurity sector , get opinions from them , reach out to connections on LinkedIn , twitter , Microsoft learn and YouTube , utilize everything you have available to you, Udemy and YouTube have some great free content utilize this and make notes of people you like who make courses that you find interesting in sc-300.

5:  On the day of the exam , have  good breakfast , take your time going through the exam , flag the questions your not sure of , try to remember that often the answer is in the question , try visually picture the Microsoft learn documentation , if you love videos try remember the courses you did on Udemy or YouTube John Saville has some good content on the sc-300 watch this before the exam it will give / allow you to remember easier content during the exam as he can be quiet witty.