Ntes 1st 90 Days Blog


Matt The IT Guy

A Month in Review

Ok so month 1 is down, from Birthday celebrations, to events in Thomond Park, to midweek pizza parties, to learning to teams’ call’s to getting stuck in and working.

The Overall Picture

Ntes is very much focused on providing an excellent level of customer service, and it all starts with the people you work with.

From the Administration Personal I work with a lovely girl named Stephanie, every day she brightens the room, send’s the team out cases, is a great source of information and overall, a great person to work with, I’ve tried to get to know Stephanie, she’s kind friendly, funny and has a great sense of humor.

We have a great Sales & Marketing Manager Kasia , she provides laughter , fun , sales opportunities and is a source of great knowledge in the company , I’m starting to work closely with Kasia and every day she surprises me I’ve learnt things I’ve never known before and look forward to building on this with Kasia over my career.

Krystyna is our operations Coordinator, she’s is the hub of the company, all orders go through Krystyna , she is so nice to work with , every day I go to her about anything related to order’s , getting things ordered and creating sales opportunities , she always has a smile on her face , she’s witty , good for jokes and loves her Tea.

Fiona is our General Manager, she is the go-to for everything related to client’s Scheduling, well-being, company information and getting answers to the questions you just don’t know who to ask.

Fiona holds many other tittles, but my best guess she is the Genie of the company, everything you ask Fiona you always get an answer for, she I so easy to work with and nothing is ever a problem to her, having a Manager / Hr person in the company brings a level that not all companies have not having to go to the MD is something that is vastly underrated and more companies should have someone like Fiona 2 word’s valuable person.

Fiona loves her sweet treats and her cup of tea and is often great for a general fun discussion and is not afraid of the serious talks.

Emily is the operations & project manager, Emily and I both started recently enough her before me, but she brings a wealth of knowledge to the company having worked in Bank of Ireland in a previous position, Emily is a lovely friendly lady, I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Emily over many teams calls, lunch breaks and general meetings, she provides everybody in the company with allot of support, she works on the scheduling of projects and work to be completed etc. she is great for a good discussion is able to have fun and loves getting stuck in to her work.

Susan is the accounts lady, she provides all the answers to the billing side of things, both myself and Susan have sat together at meeting’s and enjoyed a few laughs already with Microsoft display adapters in the conference room, she is genuinely a funny person, always up for the craic and enjoys the banter and getting stuck in when the hard questions are asked, she’s a wizard with numbers and overall a really nice lady.

Nick is the MD, Nick holds over 12 MVP awards, his business Ntes have been the preferred outsourced it partner for many companies in Ireland sense 1999.

What people know about nick is that he’s friendly, he is well spoken, is an out and out geek, he loves his rugby and he takes pride in everything he does. Nick is very customer focused, he treats all his staff extremely well and often goes above and beyond for everybody in the company, Nick is a very likeable person and I’m lucky to work for someone like this.

We have many great Engineers in the company, Paul, Slawek, Emmanuel, Obari, Jennifer, Kryll, Derek, and other’s that I probably haven’t spoken to yet, every single person helps each other out, all I can say is what a team environment, all of them are so friendly, the atmosphere in the office is so up beet and enjoyable, every day I love going in.

I’ve really enjoyed getting introduced to everyone, our days out have been fun, our midweek lunch orders are great and some enjoyable memories have already been Made, hear is to the next 30 days.

Thanking all NTES Staff for what has been a great 1st Month.

Matt The IT Guy

10/04/2022 Week -1 Ntes

A Week In Review 

Ok so joining a new organization is always difficult, I can honestly say the staff at Ntes made this transition so much nicer than previous places I have worked, in my post I’m going to talk about 5 things that were notably different to previous places I had worked.

Also, I can say this I was nervous when I started and I’m still nervous but as the days pass and time passes these are calming and I’m really starting to enjoy my new work Place.

The Company

Ntes as a company is very organized from the Day, I took the interview to the onboarding process.

My interview consisted of 2 people the director and the manager of the company while before I had arrived to the interview, I had a general call with the Director this was a very informal call and was just to see if this was something I wanted to go forward with, in my opinion it was a very pleasant call which led to having a formal interview.

The Interview

Ntes showed a very professional view on how to interview people, it wasn’t in any way intimidating or aggressive, the questions being asked were very relevant and you went in with a view to tell them about your previous experiences. I was immensely impressed in the way in which the questions were Directed having both the Director and the General Manager sitting in front of you was fair and not at all intimidating.

The questions being asked were both technical hard skills and both Conversational soft skills

Most companies try to gauge where you are at in your career and both individuals in my Case Nick and Fiona were very professional how they conducted this interview, Honesty was an integral part of this conversation I was able to go through my history of my CV with Ease.

Naturally I wanted to come on bored before they knew it and they needed someone who was a general all round IT Professional who specialized in multiple areas in ICT this looked like a good match so I thought.

The Waiting

So, I had my interview, I was excited I felt this went well and thought I had shown the best side of me that I could while also pointing out areas I needed to improve on this is something you should always be honest on as if your honest you can get the education you need to succeed further in those areas.

It was only 2 days later an offer was made which was impressive as at this stage I had known enough to say I thought I wouldn’t get a response for a week but matter a fact it was quick turnaround of 48 hours, not bad for a company and extremely professional.

The Onboarding Process

So, from the day I handed in my notice to the day I started with Ntes everything was setup

Before I even started, My Transport was all setup, I had received my company uniform, I had been setup with The Hr system, given the relevant Onboarding training and by the end of my first week I had already started the process of learning the systems and actually speaking with clients and doing my Job.

The People

Every single person in Ntes was so nice to me I was introduced to all the senior team and the junior team, both the operations and general manager sat down with me and made sure I was being looked after, all the engineers welcomed me which was really nice and the Director Made sure I was looked after for everything.

Our Administrator team on the cases was really supportive in helping me get use to the new Crm System and all the senior and junior engineers helped me where I was not sure on the different systems to get use to them.

Knowing someone that worked in Ntes really helped a friend and colleague of mine Paul who I worked with in a previous role really helped in the whole transition, every day he made sure I was being helped and settling in this was crucial for me as I relied on Paul for help were possible.

Conclusion for Week One

It was a long week , I for the first time in about 4 years actually enjoyed working with a team of people , there was allot of learning with the new systems and how the Crm worked out , I’m going to say its going to take me some time to be really comfortable as I still have quiet a bit to learn but , with the help of everyone inside Ntes I believe after a few weeks ill be up and running properly and will be able to implement some good changes alongside providing really good support to everyone in the organization where I can alongside our clients.