Network+ Book Review

Book Name: CompTIA Network+ Study Guide EXAM N10-008

Edition: Fifth Edition

Author: Todd Lammle

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

What I loved about the book?

Plenty of exercises to complete, you also have access to a free online learning environment as part of the book and you got a comprehensive glossary in pdf format as well from the online learning environment, each chapter has an end of chapter quiz, each chapter included a chapter summary, each chapter had protentional performance-based questions.  

What I really appreciated about the book?

The level of detail that went into including images, diagrams, performance-based questions and the sheer layout of the book was excellent.

What could be a potential turn off about the book?

The size of it is a whopping 985 pages it is allot of content but what people should remember is this is a full understanding of networking and the learner should be prepared to complete the additional activities associated with each chapter then get a better understanding possibly in a lab environment.

Why I would choose this book over others?

Excellent quality easy to read, it meets and exceeds all the learning requirements set out for CompTIA Network+ exam, I loved the pictures and illustrations in the book and the layout was easy to follow.

Base Review:

The N+ Study Guide Consists of 985 Pages, it is broken down into 25 Chapters and extensively covers all topics required to take and pass the network + certification.

Each chapter is broken down into different sections and breaks down networking concepts into a manageable format where the learner can understand and develop there networking skills.

Ch-1 covers intro to networking

Ch-2 covers the open systems interconnection specifications

Ch-3 covers networking connectors and writing standards

Ch-4 covers the current ethernet specifications

Ch-5 covers networking devices

Ch-6 covers introduction to internet protocols

Ch-7 covers Ip addressing

Ch-8 covers Ip subnetting and introduction to Nat

Ch-9 covers introduction to Ip routing

Ch-10 covers routing protocols

Ch-11 covers switching and virtual lans

Ch-12 covers wireless networking

Ch-13 covers using statistics and sensors to ensure network availability

Ch-14 covers organizational documentation and policies

Ch-15 covers high availability and disaster recovery

Ch-16 covers common security concepts

Ch-17 covers common types of attacks

Ch-18 covers network hardening techniques

Ch-19 covers remote access security

Ch-20 covers physical security

Ch-21 covers data center architecture and cloud concepts

Ch-22 covers ensuring network availability

Ch-23 covers cable connectivity issues and tools

Ch-24 covers network troubleshooting methodology

Ch-25 covers  network software tools and commands

Each chapter finishes with the below material which can be really handy when you’re trying to gauge where you are at in the end of the chapter.

Chapter includes

Exercises to complete – physical exercises you can complete at the end of the chapter.

A summary of each chapter – a brief overview of the chapter in a short paragraph.

Review questions for the chapter you have completed – reminding you to review the questions from the chapter so that you can see what you understood.

Performance based questions – understanding what type of lab questions you may get in the exam and how to go about answering them.

My favorite exam essentials – which reminds you of what you must understand for the exam because if you don’t understand these you should go back and revise it. 

What Comes with The Book as an Extra?

10% of your CompTIA exams

6 custom practice exams

300 electronic flashcards

Searchable key term glossary