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Hello and Welcome To the MVP Azure Guru Matt Blog in 2022

I want to start by giving a little background about myself and my family.

Before I Start I want to Thank the Below people for there Best Wishes , There Support , The Commitment they gave in My Journey to the cloud.

Special Thank You to :

Dan Rey Microsoft MVP , Frank Falvey MCT , Lorraine Lawrence Microsoft , Cristian Vergara , Claire Smyth Microsoft Community Program Manager , Nick Whittome Ntes CEO And Of Course My Fiancé Arlena McGrath , This one goes out to all of ye Thank you for Believing in Me.

Having been Romanian Born, living in Ireland the Last 27 years and going through the Irish primary secondary and university education system. I am an Irish Citizen by adoption and growing up in the little town of Ennis Co. Clare Ireland for 18 years of my life with my parents Michael and Teresa and my sister’s Sarah and Erika, having had an education focused childhood my parents always encouraged me to follow my passion for Technology which was then encouraged by my uncle Frank and aunt Mary who really engrained this into my life from a young age from when I did my 1st Ecdl Certification, This and my Secondary school education in Villiers secondary school alongside my QQI in Computer networks and system management which I completed in Limerick college of further education have all contributed to my success. while moving onto and settling in Co. Limerick with My Fiancé and 2 dogs Cleo and Gizmo in the little town of knocklong Co. Limerick we enjoy and live life to the full.

My journey has led me to this, I hold multiple certifications in Microsoft and CompTIA Vendor neutrality certification accredited by the American National Standards Institute, I Completed my QQI in Computer Networks and System Management in Limerick college of further education and I’m currently in the process of earning my BSc (Hons) Computer Networks and Cloud Infrastructure in the Atlantic Technological University by night.

My Current Role is that of a Cybersecurity Administrator for NTES which are based in Co. Limerick Ireland, NTES are the IT partner of some of Ireland’s best-known companies alongside well known international clients. I thoroughly enjoy all things computer related from Azure, Cybersecurity, Windows Server and OS to name but a few.

By Night I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Azure Solutions Architect and a Tech enthusiast, Teaching, Helping, Supporting and Running my journey to the cloud Webinar series bi weekly, I also spend time with my partner sightseeing, discovering new foods as I am a foodie and writing reviews of books, certifications and webinar series alongside traveling.

Education is at the forefront of my life and my ambition is told hold a minimum of an M.Sc. in Computer science and Cybersecurity which I’m working toward over the next decade.

I am the founder of my free education website I set this up to help those who are less fortunate than myself and I take great pride in mentoring and supporting other younger and older than me, for me this is what the MVP Community is all about for me.

Microsoft recognizes its Most Valuable Professionals.

The beginning of August was eagerly anticipated by the global Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) community, as the names of those awarded with MVP status for 2022-2023 was announced. Matthew has been revealed as a Microsoft MVP in the Azure category for the year ahead. MVPs make up a global community of over 4,000 technical experts and community leaders across 90 countries/regions. We caught up with Matthew this week to learn more about the award, and what it means to be a Microsoft MVP.

Can you give us some background on the Microsoft MVP award, and your own journey on the program?

The Microsoft MVP award is given by Microsoft to technology experts who share their knowledge within the community. The program is designed to help both Microsoft and MVPs learn and grow together and is awarded based on technical activity and contributions to the community. There are various award categories.

The MVP Program is about many things , Its about the knowledge you have as a Microsoft Professional , the knowledge you share with the communities , the mentoring that you do for both younger and older generations and the support you give to others online.

Mentoring can be in the form of support , helping other to succeed in there career , sharing your technical expertise in your chosen area with others , bringing together a community of people and doing live webinar sessions , posting on other platforms and congratulating people when they reach a new milestone and generally supporting others to succeed.

Teaching can be in the form of , giving people lessons in new technologies , demoing your skillset , seeing others collaborating with groups and communities , supporting people in there ambition to educate train and upskill. With teaching you can provide support in any platform you want most importantly receiving feedback and constructive criticism all helps in bettering your knowledge and the students your teaching in the end remember when you succeed others do to as your responsible for helping them develop there career

Ways you can contribute are Teaching ,Blogging ,Mentoring , Live-Webinars , Technical Reviews of Beta Exams , Meetup Groups , In person and online events , what your doing is essentially making communities aware of new technologies all related to Microsoft Certifications and Products.

My Journey Started in IT 12 Years ago, having always loved to make the impossible happen , I spent my youth tinkering and playing with computers , self taught from a young age I learned the Foundation of Computing , I spent many summers working for companies who needed junior engineers even if they couldn’t pay me I volunteered and worked for anyone who would have me , i built up my reputation from a young age worked for some of the leading Technology companies in Ireland , I Kicked of My IT Career in a small town in Ennis Co. Clare and now I reside in Co Limerick with my fiancé and our 2 dogs Cleo ( yes named after the car ) and Gizmo ( yes named after a gadget I had from a young age that opened up computers ) and I am happily settled as a Cybersecurity Administrator.

I Spent many years contributing to online communities alongside in person events , having worked with many leading industry experts I have built up a repertoire and having many great relationships with industry leaders in the tech sector in Ireland , Uk, Switzerland And the USA .

MCT / MCE , Microsoft Certified Trainer & Microsoft Certified Educator Have these helped with MVP?

100% These have definitely helped , showcasing your skillset as a Microsoft Certified Trainer Demonstrates your ability and commitment to teaching supporting and learning , this helps with devising formats for your lessons and showcases your ability to provide technical excellence to your students.

Being a Microsoft Certified Educator validates that educators have the global educator technology literacy competencies needed to provide a rich, custom learning experience for students , this has definitely helped me in my journey as a Microsoft MVP and will continue to provide practical skills which I will continue to develop in my career as I continue to teach more and more students.

How have you contributed to the Microsoft community within the past year and what have you planned for the year ahead?

Yes Having worked with many communities in the Microsoft Space I have contributed significantly. I Have worked with the Microsoft Certifications Team , Developing Microsoft Beta Exams , having contributed to the AZ-305 Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Exam , I was delighted to have provided my expertise to the team in Azure Solutions Architecture and many other fundamental associate and expert exams.

I Setup to help others less fortunate then myself to have access to free fundamental associate and expert level certification training alongside other vendor natural exams provided by CompTIA , I Have been instrumental in the learning and development sector of IT Training and have contributed to many companies success for example Sybex and John Wiley and Sons alongside CompTIA And Microsoft , having written book reviews , blogs , Videos and Live webinars about various technologies. You could say im an advocate for all things learning , training , skills and Career Development

Having been Nominated for the EU Cybersecurity newcomer of the year and Being awarded MVP Status I try to provide industry leadership to those getting there career in the IT Sector off the ground having Completed many certifications ITF+ A+ Network+ Security+ Cloud+ and CySA+ to name but a few I try to show students the importance of vendor neutrality alongside Vendor specific certifications To date i have completed 80+ Certification programs and have been recognized by the British Computer Society and the Irish Computer Society for my professionalism in the IT Sector.

I Try to demonstrate the importance of Education to all my students , By Night I continue to Study for my Honors Degree BSc (Hons) Computer Networks and Cloud Infrastructure and I Try to show people that you should lead by example and this is exactly what I’m doing daily alongside working as a Cybersecurity Administrator with NTES in Limerick Ireland alongside Continuing my Journey to the Cloud webinar series which has gained allot of popularity over the last 2 years.

The Year ahead , I hope to continue my Journey to the Cloud webinar series , further educate students , I Hope to partner up with multiple vendors and do reviews of there technologies , I Plan to continue my personal learning journey and complete my honors degree. and I plan to work closely with Microsoft on Many more new exciting events in Ireland with having great contacts comes a great ability to provide endless possibilities to the Tech professional industry in Ireland so watch this space there may be an event coming soon.

What are the benefits of being named a Microsoft MVP?

Being part of the MVP community provides endless opportunities to connect with industry experts , network with others and follow other MVP’S , As I said earlier there is such a shortage of Tech professionals and all people involved in the communities have a passion and a love for the Microsoft community .

As a Microsoft MVP the Benefits are all education and training , As an MVP you get access to software , subscriptions , premium memberships all for the use of testing , innovating collaborating and supporting other aspiring MVPS and MCTS.

This is my 1st award and I am honored to be part of a select group of members with only 10 Azure MVP’S in Ireland I am truly Honored to be part of this community and with only 32 MVP’S total in Ireland it really is a select group of Experts.

A special Shout out to our very own 12 Time MVP CEO of NTES Nick Whittome who supported my journey in Azure.

Once again Thank you to all my followers and supporters and I wish everyone all the best in there learning.