Microsoft Score Reports Tips & Tricks

A Guide to Understanding Your Microsoft Score Reports

The score report in the Microsoft Exams gives you an idea of how to look at the areas you score good in and the areas you scored bad in, AZ-900 was my 1st role-based exam, and this is where I would recommend people start off.​

If you’ve Taken Microsoft exams before you should be familiar with these already, each area is broken down into % per the exam scope document.​

In the az-900 there are 5 lines in the report each line measures a distance in the exam and the bar going across measures your level of understanding.​

In every exam you should be aiming for about 800, some exams will be better than others.​

Remember its not a competition to score the most in the exams and some do better then others , once you pass your exam you have achieved the required score Microsoft wants for people taking the exams , each exam is an opportunity for improvement.​

At the beginning of the new role-based exams Microsoft started with just the bars and %.​

As time went on And Microsoft began to capture more about the exams, they have added a

How Your Performance Compares to those who have taken the exam section.​

All This is important in your development, you will need to better understand these as time goes on.

You should be aiming as you take each exam to do better, you can see here my scores went from​

You can see on average ive scored comparable or strength in most areas This is what you should be aiming for with the expectation as time goes on that you would be scoring Strength.

If we look at the below we see My Exam Schedule Looked Like The Following. 

Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 Reached a score of 700 ( Pass Mark ) 

Power Platform Fundamentals PL-900 Reached a core of 700 ( Again Pass Mark Here ) 

At this stage i have 2 exams done based on the fact i have taken 2 exams i should start to get better scores 

Correct !!!

I Then took the following exams 

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Reached Score  745 ( Better Score Pass Mark is 700 ) 

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals MS-900 Reached Score 808 ( Much Better Score Pass Mark 700 ) 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Erp MB-920  Reached Score  811 ( Nice Score Pass Mark 700 ) 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Crm MB-910  Reached Score 816 ( Nice Score Pass Mark 700) ​

What we can see here is i having been getting better and better in the different exams this is because i focus on the areas  i require improvement , while there small jumps each time there positive moves forward and this is why reading the reports is important and looking at the areas your weakest in. ​

For the Finale we can see i took the below exam 

Microsoft Security Compliance and Identity Fundamentals SC-900 

In This exam i scored 850 Not Bad. ​

So My Number 1 tip in reading your score report is to look at the bar progress , familiarize yourself with areas your weakest at , study these up using Measure Up , Microsoft Learn , or even Contact An MCT For Training all great options.