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January 02 – 2022

Having started of my journey at a young age I discovered life doesn’t owe you anything, you make of it what you want, you put in what you get back, you help those who are less fortunate then you, you promote a sense of accomplishment and you pursue the Stars and you might reach the Moon.

My Adopted Parents were greatly invested in education my mother having worked in the sector for over 40+ years she always believed Education is the “passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” which was quoted by many Famous people.  

After Loosing my Parents at a young age, I was fortunate enough to be adopted into a loving family, this in lies where my introduction to the Irish Education system started, I was fortunate enough I enjoyed Primary school very much and allot of My teachers were so supportive and very much believed in every child had the ability to reach their potential and above, How might you ask does Primary school having anything to do with Successes in the IT World well its Simple it was in 5th Class I started of my Introduction to the ICT World with My Very first ECDL Certification , from there I had a love for IT And all that it entailed , I often would help Teachers with Promethean Board issues , Laptop issues and Desktop issues I was fortunate enough in 6th class to have a Teacher Terry O’Sullivan who had invested interest in my skillset and constantly put me forward for any IT Related issues , I Want to start by saying this was a huge privilege for me And Thank You Terry For all your support and encouragement.

I Soon Moved onto Secondary school where I went to In Limerick which was a boarding school and let me just say this, if you ever wanted to grow, discover, and feel Acknowledged Villiers was the place. I Have to say every single Teacher treated you with Respect , they always saw the best in you , they knew your strong points , your weak points & Places where you needed to improve over a period of 6 Years I was taught allot , Here in Villiers I was also introduced to this was One Of my favourite people Ger & Steven , Ger was kind friendly and included me in everything to do with ICT From Villiers I developed a further love for IT And Steven Helped Develop My Certification and Learning , The Headmistress of Villiers saw this and really encouraged it when I was in TY A development of this  Further Lead to me Pursing Further Studies ICT.

While in Villiers at the time I was also introduced to a 3rd Party IT Company who I would say I constantly Plagued the Managing Director with any IT Related query alongside some of the Engineers from the company at the Time , This Plays an important Role in My Storey which my readers will discover at a later point , From  Villiers on I Just Started To Develop My IT Skills , I spent my summers learning more about it , Offering Free services to Any Company that would Have me and I Really Developed My Skills from There I Enjoyed Villiers so much I went Back for 6 Months And did an IT Experience As Part of My College Placement , All the staff were very friendly and Very Helpful and for That shout out to all Staff and Thank you for your support for my time in Villiers.

Before I Fast Forward To Where I am Now in 2022, I Had One Other Enjoyable Experience LCFE & LIT, Come back to My Blog To Check out What  life was like at LCFE & LIT after the first week in January.

January 06 -2022

Hello and Welcome Back to My Blog to all my readers, previously I spoke about how I would Talk about My College Experience, I want to start by saying I was really lucky I met some fabulous people in college, Limerick College Of Further Education And Lit both Contributed towards My Success In IT.

I thoroughly Enjoyed LCFE I Studied Computer Networks & System Maintenance , where I met some fantastic People , I Had some Great College Professors In Lit as well, The Thing About Computers is that you can Never Know enough , your always Hungry For More , I did a QQI Level 5 in Computer Networks & System Maintenance I enjoyed in Immensely , I Met Some Fantastic people who are still in my circle of Friends and Spent allot my Time Networking and going to events Host By Dell in limerick , The Tech Summit in Dublin , And Shortly After College Finished Starting In The Field Of IT.

Further Education Taught me More then I could ever Have Imagined it opened my Eyes to a new world a world beyond Secondary school and it taught me most importantly how to balance my time , while in college I learned about How Not everything goes to Plan and how to deal with what is in front of you. After I Finished College and Further Education I Learnt what it was like to be turned down allot by potential employers with Someone That had little Experience I couldn’t be too picky with what places I could apply to so I choose anything within the Clare Limerick Region , I could easily say I attended Many Interviews , Passed through Many Stages of the process and then when the final Stage Came it Came down to experience , certification and education , this is something I had to work further on as my time went on.

Feedback I received from potential employers Ranged from You’re a “likeable Character you’re a Clare man (at the time the director of the company in interviewed for was from Clare) and you know just enough to get your foot in the Door But what differentiates you against other people applying for the Role “ 

My Answer to This was Simple I had a Thrust for Knowledge, I Had Ambition I remember being asked once where do you see yourself in 10 Years’ Time , I Said well Employed In a job that I love doing , Marrying a wonderful Woman with Some Kids That I can Teach all the things That my Dad Never thought me but wanted to , living in a nice countryside house and enjoying life to the full.

I Really didn’t think too much after that at the time but well was I in for a surprise down the road. Going Back to my point on Certification it was After This That I discovered I had to make myself stand out, I Decided to do An ETB Course is Shannon who immersed me into the American Side of IT And honestly only for the course I probably wouldn’t have known my true potential.

I Started My CompTIA Journey about 10 years Ago with My Very 1st A+ Certification, as you can imagine this at the time was very daunting and full on day and night I would be practicing my skills both at home and in the classroom and I was fortunate enough to meet some fantastic people, I remember From there onwards I swore I would continue that Journey with CompTIA and further my skills in other Areas And That’s exactly what I did the Plot Thickens Going Forward. 

February 19 -2022

Hello and Welcome Back to My Blog to all my readers, previously I spoke about  Having Enjoyed a Great College experience , I Continued On My Journey And Started My Work in the IT Sector , Having Started off my professional career , I worked with A Company Called PAQIT , I can honestly say I enjoyed working with Paqit , The owner was lovely , my Helpdesk Supervisor was lovely and I Meet some Talents Engineers who have sense Moved On , Paqit Taught me allot about being a Level 1 & 2 Engineer , everything I learned I developed further and kept trying to drive myself to be better after working with Paqit , I Moved onto Dell Ireland , Honestly Dell was an interesting place to work , I worked with Some very nice people and I did enjoy it Unfortunately what I was doing in Dell was not quite what I wanted to Do , so after some time I Moved on a joined The PFH Technology Group , I Worked Inside The HSE As a Cybersecurity Analyst , Dealing with All Level 3 escalated Issued , Had a Fantastic Manager , who I got on well with and Was Involved in the Transition from windows 7 to Windows 10 across All Company ICT Systems In Ireland. I Was Part of the Elite Group Of Management Team who designed and setup  a Committee for this Transition , Everybody I worked with in The HSE was so Nice , friendly and Possibly some of the Most Talented People , Unfortunately As Time Went On I Wanted Something More out Of My Career , This Next Step I was going to Take Was going to change My Thinking My Career and how my Journey Really progressed In IT.

On The 24th Of August 2018 I Resigned from the HSE, Leaving Some Fantastic People, After Making some lifelong Friends and Having Really Developed Both Professionally and Personally we went out for our Last Meal as the Team in Limerick.

In My Next Blog post im going to Talk about What Parts of IT I enjoy, how I mapped out my career and what I improved on as time went by, im going to talk about life as an IT Technical Analyst, and how This led to Me progressing further in my career.