Cybersecurity Products Recommended By Me

Having worked in the Cybersecurity Industry for many years , Fido security keys are something I have used quiet allot in my time.

The Most important thing about products is that there easy to use , setup , safe and dependable Feitian have done just that , having reviewed there products for quiet a while I have found them easy to use , dependable , solid performers and quiet easy to setup , my favorite thing about them is that most can be attached to your keychains .

One of the best things is the setup they work with all cloud providers , they come in multiple formats , I Found the delivery service to be extremally fast and reliable for receiving products to Ireland and they have been implemented in many large scale organizations globally .

One of my favorite products is the Bio Pass Fido2 easy to setup , reliable , solid performer does not get very hot if left connected to a system for a long period of time , easy indicator light to know that it works is extremally responsive and works reliably with Microsoft Azure and AWS.

If your in the market for any Biometric Security Keys this is the one to go with , they also have a usb c option for any newer devices where required and both are solid performers alongside all there IOS and Android keys.

if you want to know more and need a dependable and trustable Security products look no further then Feitian , there team will be delighted to assist with any enquiry’s and are very dependable , there support is brilliant and there sales teams are just so friendly. , I Would have no issue recommending there products for your enterprise environment suited to small , medium , large and corporate IT Security Environments

There website is :

Della Han is one of there Marketing specialist and would only love for you to reach out if you have a requirement for there product , she is friendly , professional , provides great support and is extremally efficient with arranging products for teams that would like to test there products out , and they provide great after care services.

Best Regards : Matthew Browne MVP