AZ-305 Azure Solutions Architect Expert

My Tips for taking & passing – AZ-305, Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

My Top Recommendation would be to review John Savills Study Cram session for this exam alongside his play list on YouTube, you will find this will be so valuable when taking the exam.

This is a 3 hour and 40 Minute Cram session; he has also got this broken down via topics at a more manageable pace for anyone that wants to take it section by section

Know the Path You’re going to take to achieve this , Make A Definite decision on this before you start studying as changing paths half way through will result in time loss and frustration.

The core topics in the AZ-305 are as follows.

Design identity, governance, and monitoring solutions (25-30%)

Design data storage solutions (25-30%)

Design business continuity solutions (10-15%)

Design infrastructure solutions (25-30%)

All Values listed above are subject to change in accordance with Microsoft’s Exam Guidelines, unfortunately I cannot guarantee that all information is correct and is based on my experience when I took the exam.

Design identity, governance, and monitoring solutions (25-30%)

Tip 1: understand how to design a solution for log routing , my best advice here is to start using the Azure Labs , create an environment and complete some of the actions required here you need to be able as an azure expert to recommend an appropriate level of logging within a tenant , recommend tools to use integrate an identity management solution such as single sign on and you need to understand how this all ties in with everything.

You need to understand how you will structure your azure environment how to implement auditing within the environment and how to store passwords in a secure manor.

You will also need to understand how to implement a hybrid environment example how azure ad integrates with azure on the cloud, security groups, nested groups, distribution lists etc.

Design data storage solutions (25-30%)

Tip 2: For this section you will need to understand how scale your azure environment, costings the azure calculator for virtual machines, using the different tier levels, how to store data within azure, you will need to decide how frequently you will need to access the data.

You will also need to understand how to encrypt data within azure, put in place access control lists, putting best practices in for compliance, understanding your azure tenant score and how to remediate problem scores.  

Design business continuity solutions (10-15%)

Tip 3: you need to understand what an RTO is, you will need to understand Playbooks , how frequent you want to be able to restore data , how you can use containers within azure and be able to understand how azure containers work.

You need to be able to recommend a backups solution, onsite offsite, direct media.

A backups solution you will be asked about would be Microsoft Azure Backup Solution, how to set this up, how to prepare online and offline storage, setting up protection groups.

Frequency of Backups for the cloud and offline storage, other options you could implement for storing data within azure. Understand what high availability solutions you could put in place for Azure both in the cloud and offsite.

Design infrastructure solutions (25-30%)

Tip 4: you need to be able to design and implement a solution for where you can migrate content to azure, how this will pay in a real environment, recommending network solutions will be very much part of this, recommending onsite solutions will be part of this as well, understanding how this all ties within a hybrid model will be part of this exam.

Optimizing the network for azure in the cloud and hybrid will be part of this solution implementing good practices, understanding conditional access and audit alongside being able to bring these solutions to life will all be part of the exam.

Tip 5: Must have items required to pass the exam and learn efficiently

Experience working with and Designing azure solutions

Have a look at the below course on Udemy by Alan Rodrigues

Really thorough course for those who love video learning.

AZ-304/305 Azure Architect Design Certification 2022

check out Measure up for some of there great practice tests in Azure

I can honestly say the Az-303 & Az-304 Practice tests would be worth checking out if you’re testing your knowledge on the Az-305


You can wait until Measure up bring out one specifically for the AZ-305

Another option would be to check out the Whiz Labs

Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions: AZ-305 145 sample questions

if you’re purchasing a book for the AZ -305 My best recommendation would be the one available for the AZ-303 & 304 On Book Depository

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