AZ-104 Azure Administrator Associate

My Tips for taking & passing – AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate in 2022

The core topics in the AZ-104 are.

Manage Azure identities and governance (15–20%)

Implement and manage storage (15–20%)

Deploy and manage Azure compute resources (20–25%)

Configure and manage virtual networking (25–30%)

Monitor and back up Azure resources (10–15%)

All Values listed above are subject to change in accordance with Microsoft’s Exam Guidelines, unfortunately I cannot guarantee that all information is correct and is based on my experience when I took the exam.

Usually, I would give a recommendation based on where to focus with % but unfortunately this exam really focuses and hones in on allot of important areas

The AZ-104 is one of these exams where you will require dedication and persistence, you need for this exam to have set a timetable to focus on each area.

Things you will need to succeed in this exam are as followed

An Excellent Source of Video Training – My recommendation would be to :You will need to take notes as you go along your video Training – My recommendation would be to : review John Savills course on YouTube , this is a master class in the entire exam its about 3 hrs and 45 minutes worth.

AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Certification SUPER Study Cram

In terms of a full-length course, I would definitely check out

AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification 2022 by Alan Rodrigues while the course is about 85€ by itself if you get a Udemy membership you will get much better value and access to other courses which would be worthwhile if you’re going down this journey.

You will need a free tenant to practice allot of the training required in this exam – my recommendation would be to: I would sign up for the 200$ of free azure credit and use this account to practice your azure skills you get to try almost everything for free don’t forget to move to a pay as you go model for when your done testing as to not incur unnecessary costs.

Flashcards are something worth creating understanding the key terms and abbreviations will be required in successfully passing this exam, make them short sweet and to the point don’t over complicate them and make them funny as you will remember the content and terms better.

I would recommend in investing in a good Book for the Az-104 Exam – My recommendation would be to : To purchase the book Exam Ref AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator by Harshul Patel  excellent author , this can be found on Many websites and usually costs 44.50€ it’s a really good book and worth reading to make flashcards out of.

Ok so for my 5 tips im going to go through each section and give the advice I used to work on and study each section, please make sure you utilize multiple resources as this exam can be quiet a challenge and best practice is to research and look at as many options as you can this will help when taking the exam and give you a better outcome.

1: Manage Azure identities and governance (15–20%)

This section is all about completing basics tasks in Azure think about this as using your on prem active directory but just in the cloud. At this stage you should have a solid foundation of the below.

Create a user and add the user onto a group

You should understand what an admin unit is, be able perform bulk user changes and setup self-service password reset, all important things to be able to do an understand here.

You should also understand how to configure azure from on prem to the cloud, AD Connect, sync service, be able to understand subscriptions costs and manage groups as well.

2: Implement and manage storage (15–20%)

Here you should be able to use Az-Copy you will get asked about how to import and export an azure job, you will be asked about managing keys and SAS Tokens.

You will probably get asked about how to create a file share use the file sync service and configure blob storage alongside tiers, all things you should and would be doing as an azure admin.

3: Deploy and manage Azure compute resources (20–25%)

This section focuses on being able to complete multiple tasks, you may be asked about creating a vhd disk template, deploying virtual machines, configuring disk encryption move vms between resource groups and move the resources themselves.

You make be asked to manage the disks, the sizes of the disks and even configuring the networking between the virtual machines.

You will be asked about Azure containers, clustering, and service plans for azure itself worth looking at this in detail where you can on Microsoft Learn.

Configure and manage virtual networking (25–30%)

4: As this section of the exam is so large , I would advise that you go over it once or twice to get comfy with what has to be done , I have seen people score low or nothing in it and if you do well in every other section but fall short in this , it may be the difference between passing or failing depending on what you score.

Look at this section as a way of completing the tasks required  , use your lab environment and as you get more comfortable with doing the actions in this section tick them off , if your using azure daily in your job / career you should have no issues with completing most if not all of the requirements in this section , if you know how to do things like securing access to networks , managing virtual networking and configuring load balancing you will succeed on the exam , some other things as part of the exam in this section are integrating on premise with the cloud in terms of networking , troubleshooting the network and manage the network all stuff you should be comfortable with.

Here in this section, you should find yourself using YouTube, Microsoft learn and virtual labs within azure, take the time to setup some of the things asked, post questions on the Q&A if you’re unsure of anything on Microsoft learn and utilise the free resources out there at your disposal.

5: Monitor and back up Azure resources (10–15%)

My best advise here would be to create a vm setup Microsoft azure backup server, creating online storage and offline storage, setup some resource groups, understand the backups options available, understand the difference between GRS & LRS, setup other servers to be backed up with the agent etc.

While this Is a long review I feels that it deserves to be laid out fairly , you will find online that this exam is no joke because it test your knowledge both on understanding the infrastructure , completing tasks and setting up services , its key you study hard give the time to the exam , learn your strong points and your weeks point , abbreviated notes will help in the section and speak with others who have taken the exam , they will be able to guide you on what to do , ultimately nobody can walk you through step by step the entire exam but in my opinion Johan Saville does an excellent job do follow him on YouTube and you will be in great hands , with over 25 years in IT johns reputation proceeds him and I would consider him to have excellence in all thing Azure.

Best of Luck To All Doing This Exam