A+ Book Review

Book Name: CompTIA A+ Complete Study Guide EXAM 220-1101 and 2220-1102

Edition: Fifth Edition

Author: Quentin Docter, Jon Buhagiar

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

What I loved about the book?

Plenty of exercises to complete, you also have access to a free online learning environment as part of the book and you got a comprehensive glossary in pdf format as well from the online learning environment, each chapter has an end of chapter quiz, each chapter included a chapter summary, each chapter had protentional performance-based questions.  

What I really appreciated about the book?

The level of detail that went into including images, diagrams, performance-based questions and the sheer layout of the book was excellent.

What could be a potential turn off about the book?

The size of it , with a whopping 1,634 pages its allot of content but what people should remember is this is two books in one , if you break it down the 220-1101 consist of 813 pages which would be very normal for the A+ Books and the 220-1102 consists of 613 pages , the rest of the pages are answers labs and exam essentials which is only 208 pages and these are optional depending on the learner.

Why I would choose this book over others?

Excellent quality easy to read , it meets and exceeds all the learning requirements set out for CompTIA exams for 220-1101 and 220-1102 , I loved the pictures and illustrations in the book and the layout was easy to follow.

Base Review:

The A+ Study Guide Consists of 1,634 Pages, part 1 of the book consist of 12 chapters, part 2 of the book consist of a further 10 chapters bringing the total to 22 chapters for a book which covers both exams extensively.

Each chapter is broken down into different sections remember this book is a 2 in 1, so while the book has allot of content in it, it is well broken down and divided into 2 sections.

Part 1 covers (220-101)

Ch-1 covers Motherboards, processors and Memory  

Ch-2 covers storage, power supplies, expansion cards

Ch-3 covers peripherals, cables and connectors

Ch-4 covers printers and multifunction devices

Ch-5 covers networking basics

Ch-6 covers intro into tcp/Ip

Ch-7 covers wireless and soho networks

Ch-8 covers network services virtualization and cloud computing

Ch-9 covers laptop and mobile device hardware

Ch-10 covers mobile connectivity and application support

Ch-11 covers troubleshooting and resolving core hardware issues

Ch-12 covers hardware and network troubleshooting

Part 2 covers (220-102)

Ch- 13 covers operating system basics

Ch- 14 covers windows configuration

Ch- 15 covers windows administration

Ch- 16 covers working with mac and Linux os

Ch- 17 covers security concepts

Ch- 18 covers securing operating systems

Ch- 19 covers troubleshooting operating systems and security

Ch- 20 covers scripting and remote access

Ch- 21 covers safety and environmental concerns

Ch- 22 covers documentation and professionalism

Each chapter finishes with the below material which can be really handy when you’re trying to gauge where you are at in the end of the chapter.

Chapter includes

Exercises to complete – physical exercises you can complete at the end of the chapter.

A summary of each chapter – a brief overview of the chapter in a short paragraph.

Review questions for the chapter you have completed – reminding you to review the questions from the chapter so that you can see what you understood.

Performance based questions – understanding what type of lab questions you may get in the exam and how to go about answering them.

My favorite exam essentials – which reminds you of what you must understand for the exam because if you don’t understand these you should go back and revise it. 

What Comes with The Book as an Extra?

10% of your CompTIA exams

8 custom practice exams

500 electronic flashcards

Searchable key term glossary