ITF+ Book Review

Author: Quentin Docter

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

What I loved about the book:

Small concise, easy to read, gave plenty of exercises to complete, you also have access to a free online learning environment as part of the book and you got a comprehensive glossary in pdf format as well from the online learning environment.

Base Review:

The ITF Study Guide Consists of 631 Pages, The Book consists of 11 Chapters.

Each chapter is broken down into different sections remember this is the basics / fundamentals of IT so there is quiet allot to know.

Core Hardware & Components is chapter 1, this is all about understanding how computers are made, this details all the components in a computer and how they come together as one unit.

Peripherals & Connectors is chapter 2, this is all about understanding the different inputs and outputs of devices, the type of connectors used and how they are used by different devices this goes on to give you a broad understanding of what is attached to a computer, how its attached and what connectors have been used sense the start of computing.

Computing devices and the internet of things is chapter 3, this is all about understanding servers, workstations, laptops, tablets, thin clients and anything that connects to the internet. It also gives a brief review of the history of the internet.

Operating systems is chapter 4, this is all about the different types of operating systems that are run on hardware, like MAC OS, Windows, Ubuntu, Linux etc. alongside understanding the file types extensions, actually using operating systems.

Software Applications & Software Development, are chapters 5 & 6 they are all about setting up software applications, understanding the different types of software language’s you get to explore allot of the programing languages in these 2 chapters.

Database Fundamentals chapter 7 is all about database concepts and structures you get to go through this in a bit of details to understand how databases actually work therefore you actually build knowledge up on Databases and where there used and what there used for.

Networking Concepts & Technologies, one of my favorite chapters, this chapter is all about networking, in IT you will discover you need to understand networks quiet well. Everything from Lan, Wan Vlan, Trunk, Teaming Port scanning, binding, osi Model all gone through in good detail.

Security Concepts Threats & Best Practices, chapter 9 & 10 is all about securing the infrastructure these two chapters go through in a base form the basic of securing your IT Environment, here you will learn about device hardening, managing users and understanding things like the CIA Triad.

Business Continuity and Computer support this is chapter 11 and its all about keeping your business running with the use of IT, understanding how disaster recovery and fault tolerance play an important role is vital in learning the fundamentals of IT, this will definitely give you a brief understanding of computer support concepts.

its clear anyone that has read this book and competed the online learning material , will pass the exam , the proof is in the book.

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